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At the Houston law offices of Jacqueline Taylor, Attorney at Law, we believe that a zealous advocate can co-exist within the realm of mediation, collaboration, and litigation. True advocates search for the most options for their clients. Whether the route is mediation, collaboration or litigation, the objective remains the same.

We welcome the challenge of creatively solving your most pressing family law problem, be it divorce, child custody, child support, or complex property division.


Can there be such a thing as a good divorce? Using collaborative law methods, we can help you bring out the best in each other and move you toward the dissolution of your marriage in a way that minimizes high drama, retaliation, and negative emotions. Divorce is not easy for anyone, but collaboration can be your best option if you want to maintain a good relationship with your spouse after the divorce and protect your relationships with your children. Collaborative law can help you feel more in control of your situation and ensure your voice is heard.

In collaboration, you have a team of professionals to support you and the process. Your attorney is a crucial member of that team. Other members may include mental health practitioners, financial specialists, child specialists, accountants, appraisers, and any other subject matter expert — even an oil and gas expert — necessary to the successful dissolution of your marriage.

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Mediation offers both parties another out-of-court path to conflict resolution using a neutral third party to negotiate between the two parties. The mediator hears both sides and helps them achieve a solution that works for each side.

Since 2006, Jackie Taylor has been a Texas Mediator Credentialing Association (TMCA) Credentialed Distinguished Mediator, the highest level of certification possible, and was named the Frank G. Evans Mediator of the Year in 2003.


Arbitration can seem a lot like a court proceeding but without the cost and delays. In arbitration, you and your opposing party explain your respective positions to the arbitrator. The arbitrator renders a decision, and both parties must honor that. Jacqueline Taylor is a certified arbitrator by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.


When alternative methods of resolution are not possible or not the best choice for you and your situation, we represent you in the Texas family courts to make sure your voice is heard and to give you the best possible outcome for your case. We are ardent advocates for you. As we prepare your case, we keep you informed honestly and straightforwardly, the only way we know how to communicate.

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No matter what route we take, whether it is a form of alternative dispute resolution or litigation, know that the law firm of Jacqueline Taylor, Attorney at Law, stands by you every step of the way. We search out every possible solution so that you have options and can make the best decisions for yourself and your family. We understand that when you come to us, you face fear and anxiety of the unknown. We want to help you cross that abyss to safety and closure.

Call us at (713) 228-1515, or contact us online to schedule your consultation. Based in Houston, we serve clients in Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Montgomery County in South Texas.